The Short Version:

I write. Mostly on paper, but sometimes on guitar for my new project: Deadbirds.

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The Slightly Longer Version:

Sion Smith (pronounced Sean as in Connery) is a writer whose work leans heavily on something he likes to call Dirty Surrealism. He dislikes writing in the third person so much, I'm not going to do it anymore. I write longhand with a Waterman because the alternative means staring at a screen. I was once described as 'Byronesque' which may be the nicest thing anybody ever said about me.

You'll find my shelves littered with work ranging from John Connolly, Alice Munro, Henry Rollins, Lydia Davis, Raymond Carver and Chuck Klosterman across to the likes of Susanna Clarke, Graham Joyce and Michael Chabon who are a few solid recommendations to passers-by out of a collection of far too many. Most of the time though, because reading is still a pleasure and not a chore, I chew up crime novels of the Scandinavian variety. 

I also write songs. This is not a new thing, more like 'a return to what I did before I picked up a pen full-time'. These days it's more Chris Cornell/Civil Wars than the previous incarnation of my long archived, glam rock band Baby Dynamite and that's a good thing. Nobody outside of a Marvel film should be wearing spandex. Deadbirds is a work in progress. You'll be the first to know when something happens.

Aside from my twin loves of music and books, I get my kicks from old monster movies, saving bears, airports and coffee. I run a minimalist mindset and own just twelve things (we don't count all of those books) because you should never own so much that you can't leave town in 24 hours with your world in the back of the car. 

I'm also the editor of Skin Deep magazine which is big enough to fend for itself without any help from me here. Occasionally, lovely people at the BBC, CNN and The Times like to play with me. 

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