One day, I hope this place will grow into a fine selection of travel writing. If you're looking for the kind of travelogue you can find in newspapers and magazines in which they like to leverage your cash, point you in the direction of super-plush hotels and grand eateries to ease your troubled mind and save yourself precious time, you're shit out of luck here.

This is me travelling: The Master of Travelling Light. The Wanderer.

Whenever I can, I travel with nothing but what I can fit in my pockets - the iPhone is a serious piece of work on that front - and buy what I need on the other side before ditching it for the return journey. That said, sometimes you do need 'stuff'' and for that, I use my battered but robust and trusty Scaramanga Bag, hence the section title. They make good bags - and no, I don't get a cut.

The first article - Rider On The Storm - will be up in a few weeks. I'm wrapping it up now so keep your eye on the front page or twitter for an update.

Meanwhile, you can amuse yourself with my lifelong inspiration: